2 Months on Andriol Testocaps

Andriol Testocaps 40mg

An update on my transition – though I’ve gotten the hormone replacement therapy (HRT) approval letter from my psychiatrist, my GP (Dr. Bede Rogers) wants me to remain on Andriol Testocaps for at least another month and do a blood workup before he decides to whether or not to start me on testosterone shots.

This would be the first “road block” I’ve encountered in my transition so far (must have jinxed myself for saying it was on a fast track – thanks universe). I was all pumped up and ready to burst into the GP’s office with my letter and say “Show me how to stab myself in the leg!”

But what happened was he saw the letter, smiled and said that the letter is magic. It was the approval to shift the transition car into second gear BUT he would much prefer to see me on the hormone capsules for another month. According to him my body has just been introduced to the testosterone so it’s slowly realising the extra hormones in the body and this is when the changes will start to happen.

However I haven’t noticed much difference after the first month. The most significant changes were:

  1. Increase in hair growth (by this I mean in the armpit region and SOME eyebrows – if you don’t know me, I am virtually hairless and have no eyebrows in pictures)
  2. Increase in muscle definition – bear in mind I’ve also just started lifting weights so it could be a mix of both hormones and lifting
  3. Slight decrease in breast size – I’m already skinny and underweight to begin with so this isn’t very obvious.

Yep, that’s it. That’s the only 3 changes I’ve noticed. My housemate made a comment that my face was wider/squarer but no one else has noticed this. So I was kind bummed to not have seen much changes though I knew the dose I was on is pretty low compared to shots.

But 2 capsules of Andriol Testocaps 40mg a day is the standard adult dosage. And it has to be taken with fatty foods or oils. I’ve had issues consuming fatty foods so I’ve started taking cod liver oil with my capsules. Each box has 60 capsules, so that’s a month’s supply. I bought them from Chemist Warehouse for around $33AUD – needless to say, a prescription is needed.

While it’s tempting to sneak in an extra pill a day (as this is the same capsules that body builders use as steroids and the common dosage is 6 a day), I can’t do it as I am biologically female and my body would turn the extra testosterone into estrogen. So that totally defeats the purpose.

I’m trying to get on a higher testosterone dose as soon as possible as I have my top surgery booked in November 2015. While I wouldn’t mind the scarring, my surgeon has said that I would most likely qualify for keyhole surgery if I was on testosterone as it would shrink the breast tissues. If I could come out of surgery with minimal scarring, that would be the ideal outcome.

I’m not going to let this get to me, I’ve just got to be patient and trust that my doctor knows best and to let the hormones take their time. Hormones aren’t everything in transitioning (there are transmen out there who choose not to be on hormones).

Gender is in the mind, I know I’m a man so I’m gonna be a man and focus my thoughts on the other parts of my transition like coming out to my employer and friends. I am prepared for a mixed response, and there’ll most likely be one or two bad reactions – but as my parents have preached and practiced; those who mind won’t matter, and those who matter won’t mind.


  1. I love the quote your parents said to you. I actually needed to read that. I am also learning to deal with learning better patience this way. Just stay positive and know that things happen for a reason as well.

  2. I loved the eyebrow bit. SO TRUE! WAKAKAKAA….

    sorry man. You know I love you, sincerely, teh gay man =P

  3. Bede Rogers is my doctor too! I’m 1 month and a week on the capsules and noticed nothing either. Bede actually upped my dose to 3 capsules a day… so I hope you weren’t right about that being pointless due to body converting it back, otherwise why would he have prescribed that? So frustrating as I just want to get on shottttsssss!! Have you shifted to shots since your last blog post?

    • Hey Tarmon, some people get results from the capsules but they just take longer. I’ve switched to shots after 3 months on capsules cause my blood tests were showing there was no effect. Was frustrating but a necessary step so that your body doesn’t get a shock from the flood of T.

  4. What happens if just want to take testocaps? Any difference? Cos I know T- injectables are way more effective. I just want to know if are there any transtion that will happen if your only taking testocaps. Thanks and cheers to you! 🙂

    • Hey, it really differs for different people. There would be some changes if you just took testocaps but it’ll be pretty slow. You should ask your doctor if it’s advisable to only be on testocaps. Hope this helps 🙂

  5. Staying on low dose caps is based on hematological evidence for many. Every transman who goes on T will have red blood cell (hematocrit) changes. This can variate as to what changes occur but developing polycythemia is a ticket to strokes, heart attacks, extreme fatigue amongst other side effects. Depending where baseline levels are will determine what dose of T you start on and are kept on.

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