10 Transmen on Instagram You Should Be Following

10 Transmen on Instagram You Should Be Following

Quick update:
I’ve just completed the blood test to check my testosterone levels after being on Andriol Testocaps for about 2 and a half months now. I was hoping to be able to see my GP and start shots this week but unfortunately he’s taken 2 weeks off – so I can only see him in September to get my results and see if he’ll finally start me on shots.

This has honestly made me feel very frustrated as I don’t feel like I’m making much progress with my transition and things at work have been difficult. But I’ve gotta stay positive and focus on enjoying everyday as it comes.

During times like this, I find motivation and inspiration from other transmen on Instagram. So I’ve compiled a list of 10 transmen on Instagram whom I feel are worth following. Seeing them share their stories and pictures helps keep me motivated and I hope they can help you too.

Oh, and ladies, prepare yourself for some eye candy 😉

10.  Ricky Riis (@siirbarks)

Ricky has one of the most amazing transformations I’ve seen. He has definitely worked real hard to be the beefcake he is today – see for yourself.

9. Jesse Diamond (@jessediamondfitness)

He may not be the biggest guy around but he can deadlift 315 lbs (that’s 142.88kgs) – he’s a beast!

8. Jameel Rahman (@jameeljams)

He’s one of the first openly trans Malaysians I know of. He owns a gym (Semarak Gym & Fitness Centre) that provides a safe and welcoming work out environment for the LGBT community in Kuala Lumpur – but EVERYONE is welcomed.

7. Kieran Moloney (@kierandmoloney)

Originally from New Zealand, he has relocated to the United Kingdom with his partner. He often talks about his experiences and sharing motivational quotes. I would consider his body to be my ultimate fitness goal.

6. Sydney Christian (@pharmacologia)

Sydney may have Type 1 diabetes but he doesn’t let that stop him from achieving his goals. He shares his workouts and encourages everyone to never give up fighting for the body they want.

5. Max A Warner (@itsawulflife)

Owner of @transandinked, this guy has the V line aka Apollo’s belt that are to die for. Oh, apparently he’s really great at strip off dances too – he’s won 2 contests so far.

4. Leo Sheng (@isupersheng)

I’ve followed Leo’s progress for more than a year now – I’ve seen him through his top surgery and first shot of T. He’s an amazing inspiration and really friendly too. I had to reach out to him after reading his article on The Huffington Post – he’s a great writer. I have no doubt he’s going to achieve great things.

3. Peter (@im_peterr)

Peter has achieved one of the most amazing bodies without being on testosterone. He’s into body building and is happy to share his workout tips if you ask nicely. His account is private but you can send a request to follow him.

Update: Peter has said that he is happy for me to post up a picture of him.


2. Schuyler Bailar (@pinkmantaray)

Schuyler made headlines by being the first openly transgender swimmer to compete for the Harvard men’s team. His transformation is very impressive – it is really inspiring to see how far he has come and you can really see how happy and comfortable he is in his own skin now.

1. Aydian Dowling (@alionsfear)

You can’t have a list of transmen on Instagram without including Aydian. He’s making history by possibly becoming the first transman on the cover of Men’s Health magazine. He’s already in the Top 5 finalists – it would be a great milestone for the transgender community if he wins it.

View this post on Instagram

Most people think I began working out to "become a bro" but actually I started working out because I was unable to medically transition so I went through 6-8 months of what we called then "NT" or "Natural Transition". I was trying to mold my body into the man I was on the inside. I worked to build a relationship with a body I hated. A body I myself tried to remove from earth. A body that had no reflection of my true identity. I would self harm my body just to have something to blame the pain on. Working out and sculpting my body into the man I always was- that is why I started to train. To build a relationship with my body that was healthy. It didn't happen over night. You can see my changes, my struggles and my fears all through my YT channel ALionsFears. I forced myself in front of a mirror everyday during every set and every rep. To learn my body- to know the ins and outs- even if I hated it. I needed to face it- so I can learn to love it. To see how I was in control of my life and who I wanted to be. To build mental and physical strength which built my confidence and self worth. That is why I started to train. That is still why I train today. Not everyone has to be into "the gym"- I would be the first person to tell you that!- but everyone should learn a way to build a relationship that is loving with their own body. #ftm #loveyourself #youarethefirstexampleofhowothersshouldloveyou #grateful #trans #bhf #point5cc @point5cc #transgender #transisbeautiful #aydiandowling #workit #geterdone #putinwerk

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The you have it, that’s my list of the 10 transmen on Instagram you should be following. They’re all really great dudes and they’ve helped me get through some rough times – though they may not know it.

Oh and you should follow me (@ryudiculous) on Instagram too 😉


    • Hi E, do you have any that you’d recommend? I’m kinda new to the community and the list is from my own browsing of Instagram – I’d love to be able to add to the list 🙂

      • You should check out my Instagram is your looking for people of color that are making noise I’m Dom Giovon aka Lil One been featured in ftm magazine and several others my Instagram is lilonestp

  1. why all then are they looking like “CISman” and dont have nobody trans look more diferent like small, fat, or whatever? o.o

    • Hi Felipe, the list is just 10 transmen who have helped keep me motivated and inspired throughout my transition. There’s plenty of other transmen out there (way too many to list) of all shapes, sizes and races – some look cisgender and some don’t.

  2. Kylar Broadus is a very important black man ! He is a lawyer and has done a lot of work with Obama!!

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