FTM Motivation


To motivate and inspire transmen everywhere.
All members of the LGBTIAQ community are welcome.

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Featured Submission Rules

  1. You must identify with the LGBTIAQ community.
  2. You must be following @ftmmotivation on Instagram.
  3. Repost one of our quotes & #ftmmotivation
  4. Email me the following information:
    1. Your Instagram username
    2. A high quality picture of you or something you’d like to share (no racist/discriminating/religious/pornography pictures please)
    3. A motivational/inspirational quote you’d like on your picture
    4. Your name and location (eg. Mike from London, UK)
  5. Be patient – I create the images myself using Photoshop and this is a hobby of mine so I can only get to the submissions when I have time.