My First Shot of Testosterone!

My First Shot of Testosterone

Today was the day that I’ve waited for so long, it has finally come.

I got my first T shot today!

I’m so happy I could dance (and I really can’t dance).

The day didn’t start off well – I got frustrated with work. Then I got to the city for my 2.30pm appointment only to find out that I wasn’t booked in. I made the appointment almost 3 weeks ago because my GP, Dr. Rogers, was going to be on annual leave. Luckily they penciled me in and it wasn’t too long of a wait.

It’s been roughly 3 months plus since I’ve been on Andriol Testocaps and my blood tests showed that the testosterone levels were of a normal female. So either the pills made my T levels normal for a female (which means I practically didn’t have any T hormones in the first place), the pills didn’t work or my body is being a basic bitch and is changing the testosterone into estrogen.

So Dr. Rogers said that I’ll have to increase my intake of Andriol Testocaps to 3 pills a day (I was on 2 daily). My heart sank cause I knew that if I continued on the pills my chest would not be ready by November for my surgery. Plus I really do not enjoy taking the pills, it’s a real hassle as it has to be taken with oily or fatty foods and I have difficulty swallowing pills since I was a kid.

Then he said, or we can give your body an injection to give things a boost.

I immediately perked up and had to control myself from screaming “HELL YES!”. Instead I responded calmly with “I would very much prefer that thanks.” But in my head I was popping imaginary champagne while a herd of unicorns danced over a rainbow (I know, it was majestic as farkkkkk).

So I’ve been prescribed with Primoteston Depot (Testosterone Enanthate 250mg). It comes in a box of 3 doses – I’m to be administered one every fortnight. I bought this at the pharmacy next to my GP (I usually go to Chemist Warehouse cause they’re cheaper) as I wanted to get it done ASAP. It cost me $47.95AUD – so it actually works out slightly cheaper than Andriol Testocaps.

I had it administered by a nurse at the Pathology Clinic upstairs from the doctor. I had no idea what to expect. The nurse, Yvonne, took the box from me and asked if I had it done before. I said no and she proceeded to read out all the possible side effects from the testosterone.

From dizziness to pain to a rash to possible stomach problems. I must admit that when she was done I was close to running out that door. But then she told me to drop my pants, lean forward and breathe in deeply as she proceeded to stab me in the ass.

Now I’ve read that Testosterone is a thick oil-like substance that has to be injected SLOWLY or else it would cause pain and hard bumps below the skin will form. So I was thinking it would maybe take about 30 seconds? But it ended in 10 seconds.

And I felt great… until I had to walk down the stairs cause the elevator wasn’t working. Then there was this numbing sensation that spread to the whole of my right leg and I started walking with a limp. And that spot on my ass was seriously starting to hurt.

But I was on cloud 9. I may be in pain but I couldn’t care less. Plus I managed to make my way back to the car at the parking lot just fine so it’s just something I’ll have to get used to. There’s still slight pain around the area now, but it has definitely subsided and the numbness has gone.

I can’t wait to see the effects and share it with you all – here’s a pic of me on my first day of T 🙂

First T ShotYep, I’m a happy kid!
(Yes… I am aware I do not have eyebrows…. -_-)

I’m also aware and is wary of the mood swings and increase in aggression while my body is getting used to the extra hormones. But this will subside once the hormones level out – I think of it as a 2nd puberty. And yes, acne is also a common side effect, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I won’t be hit too badly by it.

On another note, I’m glad to announce that my GoFundMe campaign has reached $650 in donations towards my top surgery fund. I can’t thank everyone who has contributed enough, while most are from friends, I’ve also received a generous contribution from a friend that I’ve made on Instagram.

I’m hoping to raise $2,500 to help with the surgery cost and other medical bills while I recuperate from surgery (it could take up to 6 weeks). If you would like to give me a helping hand, you can go to my GoFundMe page or contact me directly with the contact form from the ‘About’ Page.

Thank you so much for supporting me and my journey. It is not an easy path to walk but with the kindness and generosity I’ve received, it may not be so bad after all 🙂


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