2 Weeks On T Update

So, it’s been 18 days since I had my first shot of Testosterone. I had my 2nd shot on Monday, the 21st September 2015.

There has definitely been changes, both physically and emotionally. While they’re not all good changes, it’s good for the bigger picture.

Physical Changes

  1. Weight Gain

    Now if you know me in person, you would know that I’ve struggled to put on weight my whole life. I’ve always been severely underweight so this is a good thing for me.

    I’ve gained about 3kgs in around 2 months – but it’s mainly fat, not muscle (not that I mind). Though I should also add that there has been some redistribution of fat towards my stomach and increase in muscle definition around the chest and shoulders. I would credit the muscle definition to lifting heavy and hitting the chest hard.

    I currently weigh 45kgs. My ideal weight would be about 58 – 60 kgs. I’ve got a long way to go but I’m glad I’m making some progress.

  2. Facial Hair

    Now, this could just be a figment of my imagination but I swear I have a SLIGHT increase of hair growing on my upper lip and my (non-existent) eyebrows seem to be thicker.

  3. Increase in Appetite

    My friend aptly calls it the “man munchies” and boy has it hit me hard. I’ve been demolishing popcorn, chips and chocolate almost every night – that explains the weight gain that’s mainly fats. But I don’t care, it feels great to have my appetite back.

  4. Facial Features

    Now I can’t seem to be able to place what it is that is different, but I think there’s a difference. Or it could just be the change in hairstyle (I now have a crew cut thanks to a bad trip to a barber and it was the only way to save it).

    Here’s a comparison picture of Pre-T and 18 days T shots (plus 3 months on Andriol Testocaps). Tell me if you see a difference…

    Please ignore my horrible eyebags…

  5. Acne

    Need I say more? Damn pimples have been popping up at random places on my face and back… Hello 2nd puberty!

  6. Hot Flushes

    This usually happens a day or 2 after my shot and it comes and goes at random times. The first time it happened I thought I was falling sick due to the change in weather (it’s currently Spring in Australia). But I found out that other transmen experience it too.

Emotional Changes

  1. Mood swings

    This is to be expected – you can’t have a sudden increase of hormones without having it affect your mood. And with testosterone, it is extremely common to have increased aggression.

    I’ve realised that I am quick to anger and I get irritated easily. But I am aware that it is due to the hormones so while I can’t control my feelings or facial expressions I am still in control if you get what I mean. Like when I do get irritated, I acknowledge it and understand it’s the hormones and I move on.

  2. Confidence

    While this may not be a direct causation of the hormones, but I’ve been correctly gendered more often than usual and this has definitely given me a boost in confidence. And as mentioned earlier I have some weight gain and increase in muscle definition on my upper body so I have a “manlier” built forming.

    Whatever it is, it’s working and I can’t wait to see more changes.

  3. Mental Processing

    Now, I’m not sure if this is from the hormones but ever since I had my first shot, I’ve found myself having difficulty forming coherent sentences. It’s like I struggle to find the right words. And having read an article about how testosterone changes the brain structure in female-to-males (FTM) didn’t help.

There you have it, all the changes that I’ve noticed so far. I’ve been told that T increases your energy levels but due to a shoulder injury I have not managed to workout as much as I’d like so I haven’t been able to test that out.

That’s all for now – hopefully more exciting news by my 3rd shot. I should also do a voice comparison video then 🙂

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