5 Reasons Why Girls Should Date A Transman

Before I start, this post is written from my point of view as a straight transman so these reasons would not be applicable to everyone. And this post is meant for entertainment purposes only (it’s been a ridiculously rough week and I figured I need a laugh). So don’t go overthinking or becoming defensive stating that I’m suggesting that transmen are better than cis men. No… just… no.

So with said, enjoy the list 🙂

5. We’ll never buy the wrong sanitary pad/tampon

Got an errand for us to get you your monthly lady needs? While most guys will be all confused at the various options of wings, no wings, maxi, slims, heavy, night, day, liners and about a gazillion brands all promising comfort, protection and your vagina smelling like sunshine and flowers, we’ll know exactly which ones you’re talking about – we’ve been there.

That also means no shame in standing at that aisle in the supermarket thus no “grab-and-go” situation where the wrong item is purchased followed by an hour of you biting our heads off.

4. We’ll never say “You’re acting crazy” during that time of the month

We get it, we’ve been there – and those of us who choose to go on Testosterone put ourselves through a 2nd puberty complete with all the mood swings. So yes, we get it.

This doesn’t mean we don’t get frustrated when you get all moody, we just get it. So we’ll be sure to come around with tubs of ice cream, chocolate and give you loads of cuddles. And we’ll mean it when we say “Netflix and chill”.

3. We’re not uncomfortable around tears

Chances are, we’ve shed more tears than we should’ve. We understand that tears are not a sign of weakness and that a good cry would help release all that pent up emotions.

So if you are ever feeling upset, don’t hesitate to let the waterworks flow – we’ll be right there to wipe them tears away and hold you until they stop.

2. We’re “flexible” in the sack

Ever had that one ex who was too big/small/short/long? Yes I’m referring to our d**ks. Unless we’ve undergone bottom surgery or phalloplasty, our “extensions” are indeed interchangeable.

Hey, it’s not everyday you get to go shopping with your boyfriend for a new penis. And we bring a whole new level to the phrase “all night long” – if you know what I mean 😉

1. We’ll never leave the toilet seat up

Unless we’re practicing using our STP (stand-to-pee) packers, the toilet seat will never be left up. So say goodbye to that risk of breaking your tailbone and the rude shock of ass touching the toilet bowl!

Transition Update:

Today marks 45 days on T! Had my 4th shot on Monday, the 19th of October – least painful shot so far but still experiencing soreness and cramps days after. And it’s safe to say that shark week has officially ceased! *cue dancing unicorns*

Still experiencing mood swings and heightened aggression plus irritability but it’s too soon to change the dosage so I can only ride it out and hope it levels out. On a more positive note, muscle definition has increased and I’m currently weighing in at 47kgs 🙂

And I’d also like to add that my Gofundme account is still up and running – I’ve successfully raised $650 out of my goal of $2500. I’d like to thank everyone who have donated to my fund, I really appreciate all the help I can get.

I can’t wait to finally be in a body that I can be proud of and not have to be insecure about my chest. If you would like to contribute to my fund, please click here.

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