3 Ways to Use PokemonGO to Help Your Small Business

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would know that Pokemon GO fever has taken over the world. I don’t understand why anyone would be against it, I mean it gets people out of their houses and be active around their city. People are WALKING to hatch their Pokemon eggs, swarming Pokestops with lures and making new friends with people who are also playing the game.

There’s no competition or PVP (player-versus-player) component in the game except for battling in gyms and there’s no limit to how many Pokemon can be caught at one area (e.g., if a Pikachu is found on the map, all the players in the same vicinity gets one – provided they are successful in catching it) so there’s no hostility amongst players AT ALL. It’s great! I’ve been making new friends and chatting with random players all over.

Lots of businesses have jumped on the bandwagon to utilise the Pokemon GO hype to their advantage. If you own a small business and would like more customers, you’ve come to the right place!

DISCLAIMER: These tips are only useful and suitable mainly for businesses with a physical location and works best for the Food & Beverage industry. However, if you’re creative enough, you’d be able to make these Poke-marketing ideas work for you 😉

1. Invest in the In-Game Lure Modules

If your business is lucky enough to be in the range of a Pokestop, this is a really cheap (and super effective) way to get a lot of traffic to your area. The most expensive Pokecoins package in the app available is $159.99AUD which gives you 14,500 Pokecoins. The cost of 8 lure modules (this is the thing that you can activate at a Pokestop and makes it all pretty with pink leaves and attracts Pokemon to that area) is 680 Pokecoins.

So, if you spend all your Pokecoins on lure modules, that would give you 170 lures. So that brings the cost of each lure to $0.94AUD. Each lure lasts 30 minutes. So, imagine you’re a cafe in range of a Pokestop. For less than $2.00AUD an hour, you could get a crowd of Pokemon trainers to your area. Chances are they would be thirsty/hungry after all their Poke-hunting so they’ll pop in to grab a coffee or a bite to eat.

I don’t own a cafe but a cuppa goes for around $4.00AUD and if you priced your menu items right, you should be making at least a $2.00AUD profit from ONE CUP. Sell JUST ONE CUP in AN HOUR, and you’ve covered the cost of the lures for an hour. The question is, how many cups of coffee can you make in an hour to maximise your profits?

And that’s just for one cup of coffee – imagine packing your cafe with just $2.00AUD and they order a meal or cake with their coffee. If that’s not enough for you to join the Pokemania, nothing will.

2. Pokemon Trainers Get ‘Em Deals

Lures would work best if your shop is within the range of a Pokestop and you are a Food & Beverage business. What if you’re a retail outlet? Don’t fret, you can still get a slice of the Pokemania by attracting Pokemon trainers.

For example, if you sell books, put up a sign that says “Show us your Pokedex and receive 15% off your purchase if you have caught more than 50 Pokemon!”. Or following a Japanese restaurant example, they have a 30% off salmon sashimi deal for Pokemon trainers if they can show a Magikarp they caught.

This is where you’ll need some sort of idea what Pokemon is out there and get creative with how you’re gonna tie it in with your business. I’d love to get a discount on my coffee if I show them my Drowzee 😛

3. PokeXclusive Merchandise

If the two tips above won’t work for your business, it’s time to get REALLY creative. Create a product that is exclusive only to your business. I’ve seen cafes and restaurants create special desserts in the shapes of Pokemons and Pokeballs.

These items are marketing gold for 2 reasons: 1. It brings in people who want to “catch ’em all” and 2. They are Instagram/Facebook/Twitter worthy. So not only will you get people buying your product *kaching*, they will most likely share it on their social media and tell their friends about your business *double kaching*.

So get creative – give away an exclusive Pokemon-themed creation of yours with a purchase or something. Think stickers, badges, caps, wristbands and the list goes on.

I’ll tip my trainer hat off to you if you can use all 3 tips for your business – and do let me know if you do. I’ll be dropping by to say hi!

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I know I mainly use this blog to document about my transition and experiences. But I am also a Marketing Professional and with the current economy, I know small businesses will need all sorts of cost effective ways to generate more business.

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*Pokemon logo image sourced from Wikipedia.

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